Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A few toys I got for Christmas before the New Year

Hey all!

Sorry to be so lax in updates lately. A combination of finals, the holidays, and a nasty snowstorm threw me all outa loop. But I'm back! And boy do I have a few posts to make.

First thing first, in my last posts I talked about Doll Works, a friend of mine in SL mentioned I forgot to include the SLURL. So here it is.

Next up, a good friend of mine Dreampaint Loon, as you may or may not know, has a blog of her own. She's a very talented artist and creative artist, as the pictures on her blog prove ;) Dream, just to refresh everyones memeory, is hte one that made he amazing gingerbread, candy cane, and chocolate skins I showed a while back. Recently, a mutual friend, Jojojojo Tenjin, made two of her drawings into SL AVs! And I managed to get to try both out ;)


First up is a latex Jill in the box. Yes, the handle really does crank and you pop out of it ;) Plus it's RLV lockable, so you could end up being a toy for a really long time ;)


Next up is a ridable rocking horse. It's also RLV compatible. Plus it has two saddles, a normal and one with a few extras to keep the rider mounted ;) Both are great, making you feel more then a little bit like a helpless toy ;)

Dream also gave me two other AVs she made based on other art she had done. These are Medical and Labratory Golems.



The Medical one is white and the lab one is the green one. Both are wonderfly detailed. They arn't RLV enabled, but I might just get a few scripts to drop in the hoods to make them lockable ;) Speaking of the hoods, these are some of the best Sculptie ones I've seen (Sculptie, for those who don't know (I think this is my first time mentioning it) are objects in SL that are sculpted into a shape rather then built from a bunch of little prims)

Dream is selling both the Golems at the Doll Works mall. She also has her home shop located here

One last thing before I go. Here's my annual Christmas card I sent out this year ;)


Hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve! Talk to you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I love the toy AVs! Are there any plans to sell them?

Yora Vig said...

I just talked to Jojojojo last night. She is plannig on releasing them, but she has to get a few things taken care of first. When she does, I'll post that they're out and a SLURL ;)

Anonymous said...

O.O A jill-in-the-box AV? hehe, could have some fun with that.

-Master of toys.

Anonymous said...

i was straped in the rocking horse today for 2 hours and for the whole 2 hours I was mounted, at first I was distainful, then I began to enjoy it, its now one of my favorite toys
, TF Altney