Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Doing some work at Doll Works

Doll Island moved recently, merging with another place I was going to report on, the Rubber Institute. The new place is Doll Works. It's all things latex, doll, and bondage. And it's just as nice and friendly as the old Doll Island.

The island itself has a stable, a schoolhouse, a waterslide, and all sorts of neat little areas to explore. Floating above it is the Rubber Institute. The Rubber Institute is where the more latexy things on the island are done. they hold auctions and even have a branch of Excelsior Cybernetics.

Doll works is a fun place, and you never know what's going to happen their next. Case in point, a little while back I ran into a friend, JaneDoe Dovgal at Doll Works. She was looking around their for the first time. We got to talking and started showing off avatars. After about 20 minutes of dragons, harpies, mechs, and robots, JaneDoe brought up that we were getting a bit away from what the island is about, dolls and latex. So, I put on a hobble doll avatar I have.

The hobble doll is one I got at Mesmerise Dungeon. It's a RLV enables AV, totally lockable. You can also lock on the outfit so the wearer can't take it off, block inventory, mute them, force mouselook, and alot of other things too. The weird thing is when I put it on, somehow it autolocked on me. So I couldn't take it off at all. so, I logged into the regular viewer, reset the scripts, then relogged in RLV. And of course, as soon as I log in, JaneDoe grabed control of the hobble doll and locked me. I was stuck, pretty much at her mercy. So she strung me up and let me dangle for a while. She then muted me and put me in mouselook. she then took full advantage of my situation, inviting another person, Ishtar, to tease, spank, and tickle me. This lasted for a good 2 or 3 hours atleast. When i finally had to go, JaneDoe boxed me up and shipped me away in a crate ;)

Heh, needless to say, it was a total blast and I loved every minute of it ;)


Anonymous said...


Props to JaneDoe - taking advantage of a situation to turn a friend into a helpless dangling object to play with shows that special mental knack.

What is "mouselook" by the way?

-SirQ, whose OpenID seems to be getting rejected by Google

Yora Vig said...

Mouselook is basicly like I'm looking through my characters eyes in world. I loose alot of menu options. It alsomakes you feel more there

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks. And speaking of "feeling more there", any progress on using hypnosis to that end? It'd make being a suspended hobbledoll even more interesting, I'm certain. :-D


Anonymous said...

I need to hang out with you more. Nobody ever takes advantage of me. Even when I'm walking around with my gear set to public.

Well, they don't because I had to put in my profile that my governess didn't want me playing with anyone, but even when I was single...

I got the medical hobbledoll, but haven't tried it on yet.