Sunday, December 7, 2008

Excelcior Cybernetics: Building a better girl

Finally! Update time! I haven't had alot of time to post lately, but I have a few stories to tell. One that I've been wanting to post about for a while is Excelcior Cybernetics. It's a very cool shop. The whole goal of it is to make cybernetic drones out of anyone who wanted to be converted. Anna Excelcior, the owner of EC asked if I'd be interested in taking a tour of her headquarters. I said yes of course and I was blown away with how nice the whole set up of it is.

Anna creates two types of drones, work and pleasure. Pleasure are about what you think they are. Work can do other duties besires just pleasure duties. She rents and sells both. Yes, that means if you become a drone, you can get sold off if you want to. For me, as tempting as that was, I decided not to. After all, if I get sold off, It might make it hard to do some of the exploration I do in SL ;)

So, after the tour I underwent the conversion process. It was very very well done, and to be honest, very arousing. When it was all done I was dubned Yorabot. It took about an hour total. Be forwarned, it does cost to get converted. However, it's well worth it. And without further adu, here's Yorabot.

It's kinda wierd being as tall and as big as I am after the conversion. My first thought was "Wow I look like an amazon ;) "

And here's one of the cooler things. Here's me with my parts showing. After being converted you can open verious pannels on you and reveal your internal mechanical parts. Many of them blink, flash, pulsate, or move.

A close up of my chest, showing hte radar screen and the flux capasito-looking thing under my nipples. To the right is the control panel. By clicking on the circles, I can reveal or hid the parts. What's even better is Anna or any Drone Mistress can control the pannels, revealing whatever she wants.

Right now Excelcior Cybernetics is booming. They have 4 locations, including one on the Rubber Institute in Doll Works. Drones are often put on display at the locations, to show off what EC has to offer. Deffiently check it out.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Yora!

Wow, great. in all your time you've posted here, there has been no videos. none. blank, diddly-squat, goose egg, hill of beans, insignificancy, nada, naught, not anything, nothingness, nought, void, zero, zip, zipp. this serious absence of video is horrible. you will be punished for this.

Yora Vig said...

heh ya'know, that never actually occured to me. I'll have to look into video recording. And technicly that's not true. I did post the YouTube link for the Kayliwulf Kingdome video I was in a while back ;)

Heh, that brings back memories. Man has the store changed in a year

magikesh said...

For you who want to be a better doll check out this marketplace item!

Anonymous said...

Wow it's like a dream.. I really would like to see something like this for a male. :)