Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miss DolliVerse!

Big announcment from Doll Island. Announcing the first ever Miss DolliVerse contest!
-•°•❤ Miss DolliVerse Second Life 2008 ❤•°•-
☆ ☆ ☆The First SL Doll Island Pageant ☆ ☆ ☆
6pm to 8pm SL time on Friday October 3rd

The idea is to have a doll get-together with a focus. Humans have Miss Universe and all those pageants. We want one too!There are no categories: each doll gets judged on her merits. So Latex Rubber Dolls, mannequins, bimbo dolls, clockworks, blowups, sissy dollies, bondage dolls, suicide dolls, gothy dolls, gynoid pleasure dolls...all are welcome.The definition of a doll here means ‘not quite human’ or a human that is in appearance doll-like or enclosed within a latex cat suit or rubber outfits. Guys can come that day if they have a female chaperone or sponsor to stop them running about and doing that ‘marking their territory’ spraying thing.
♥♥♥How to Enter
Easy, show up at Doll Island during the time slot. Hangout on the castle veranda and when asked come along the catwalk to the judges. There you get a little time to impress them…say with a Talent (get your best animation or HUD on); doing a Q & A (bimbos study Miss South Carolina on YouTube); or just dazzling us with your distinctive dolly style and elegance! If possible it would be nice if you could then take a stand till the end if you can. Don’t worry too much, it’s not a super-serious thing.
The judges are looking for:
1) Overall Impression and Wow factor – that indefinable ‘X’ Factor
2) Attention to detail…do things fit well etc – Clothes and prims, AO etc
3) Original use of SL items or the creation of their own dolly items (having said that it’s a pageant so someone shouldn’t get too much credit for making something)
4) Role play skill…in RL this is ‘Personality and Talent’ but this is hard because the doll might just be a silent mannequin or a bondage doll unable to move because of the restrictive nature of their things. Still it may factor in.
First prize - $6000 worth of Latex fetish clothes from Kayliwulf Kingdom and unlimited fame of course
Second prize – Your choice of any Virtoys Lovedoll avatar worth up to $999
Third prize – totally awesome Doll Hypnosis case from Rygel & Lustbaby
Thanks to Asudem, Downy and Rygel for our prizes
The Idol style judging panel of three independent (at least 2 of the 3 are non-Doll Island resident) connoisseurs of dolly design will be at Doll Island from 6 to 8pm SL time on Friday October 3rd. Remember this is a DOLL ISLAND pageant so it might get a bit random.Force TPin'g a judge is not allowed and is grounds for immediate disqualification of course until the end of the pageant :p The judges will each score the dolls from 1 to 10. The doll with the highest cummul... ummm highest SCORE wins! Any appeals result go to Bane which means you might go in, but never come out. So think wisely if you wish to appeal.

Yes, I am very much planning on entering. Can you guess what kinda doll I'm going to enter as?

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