Sunday, September 14, 2008

Island of dolls found!

I recently found what's quickly becoming one of my favorite places to hang out at in SL; Doll Island. This sim is something I have been looking for for a long time, and entire sim dedicated just to doll play, with a heaping helping of kinkiness. The owner Pzyche Demonia does a great job of making the sim feel fun. One word of warning to all men out there, it is a female AV sim only. So no Kens, only Barbies allowed ;)

Doll island covers the entire sim, and has lotsa fun places to visit/explore/play in. The first area you'll visit when you arrive is the Doll Village. This is where all the shops are located, and boy is there a lot of doll stuff there.

This is the only place on Doll Island where male AVs are allowed, so if you want to doll up a certain someone, anyone can shop here. And man is there a lot. There's a few doll freebies, skins, dresses, posing stand and cases and keys. A great place to look for doll stuff.

The next area you arrive at after leaving the village is the Shrine, the social area of the island. Every time I drop by, no mater what time it's been, someone is always there hanging out. There are seats and couches for people to sit on and doll boxes and stands for the various dollies on display. And everyone is always really friendly too.

Towering in the center of the island is the Castle. This is where most the really kinky stuff on the island happens. The dungeon, is there, as is the library, which is fulled with a lot of great doll stories.

Finally, the last major area of int rest is Area 52. This is where the dolls get made. There's all sorts of mad scientist thingies here and it looks oh so kinky.

I absolutely love Doll Island. I was totally blown away the first time I stopped by and half the people at the Shrine recognized me from this blog :) If you like being a doll, making dolls (Especially if you like making a doll. We need more doll makers!), or just like dolls at all, go here and check it out.

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