Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shops and Dollhouses

First of all, big news. As you might or might not know, my friend Amea is having to leave SL for a bit. As you remember, she runs the shop Vexation, the place that sells teh cursed apple trees and cursed fountians. Well, since she is going to be gone a while, and since she didn't want to leave everyone that bought the fountian and tree water and appleless (the items are deliverd via a server on her land) she asked me to mind the shop while she's gone. I was very happy to say yes, since Amea is a very good friend. Any purchases people make for Vexation stuff will have the money go towards the shops rent. The goal is to have it basicly pay for itself til she gets back. Since I have to pay two rents now (my home at Kayliwuulf, and Vexation) I'm hoping alot of people buy trees and fountians. If not I can afford it, but it means buying less cool things to show off here.

Next up is the insanely cool dollhouse that Honoka made. It's avatar size, so you can actually live inside it. It's three floors total with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and attic. It comes fullf furnashed and yes the back opens to let you see inside it.

I got a chance to interview Honoka about it. Here's what she had to say.

Yora Vig: Well, first off thank you for the interview. I know your a busy dollmaker
Honoka Watanabe: You're more then welcome yora, anything for a friend.
Yora Vig smiles
Yora Vig: Second of all, I want to compliment you on hte house . It looks wonderful.
Yora Vig: Did it take you long to build?
Honoka Watanabe: Total build time was twenty hours i'd say I did it in a few large chuncks. First the basic frame, then I made up and applied textures then the furniture was addedYora Vig nods
Yora Vig: What made you decide to do a full size dollhouse?
Honoka Watanabe: Like most things it was just an idea that popped into my head suddenly, I figured since there's nearly nothing else like them on the market I'd put one together.
Yora Vig: Very true. I haven't ever seen anything like it in SL in this size
Yora Vig: I saw that there were two houses in the box when purchased. What was the desision behind that?
Honoka Watanabe: well I figured a cute little modle house would be a fun treat to have, display it give it as a gift to a kid AV show it off, things like that.
Yora Vig nods
Yora Vig: Any plans for future dollhouse items? More furnature to decorate it or other colors?
Honoka Watanabe: Well I always appricate feedback and would gladly do something on custom reques, be it schema, sizes, shapes, etc.
Yora Vig: And finally, how much does this wonderful house fun?
Honoka Watanabe: It's only 1.500L and comes fully furnished.
Yora Vig: Thank you for your time Honoka. Like I said, I adore your hose and I hope others do as well
Honoka Watanabe: You're welcome Yora and I'm happy to hear you're having fun with it.

Honoka's shop is located here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/SarahsOcean%203/219/156/29 She has a ton of doll related things there, from posing jars, to clothing. Checkl it out!

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