Thursday, October 2, 2008

Maid to order

So, the other day I stopped back by Doll Islandf to hang out ant view all the lovly plastic dolls (There's a rather nasty strain of Barbie virus going through the island right now. The side effect is the infected become cute, plastic and ditzy). When I got there, I found out I won a contest they had held, to take a picture of the Doll Queen. (Apparently I was the only one to enter, hehehe). First prize was an updated RLV version of the Bizarre Maid outfit from Rei Gynoid.

Delighted, I put the outfir on without thinking. Buy weas that a bit of a mistake. I was promptly locked in it. Should have really seen that coming. Well, I quickly found out what this suit can do. I was muted, only able to speak on an alternate channel. And when I did it came across as the Maid, instead of me. And I had my inventory locked away and was denyed teleporting. Goes without saying I was a bit shocked, and a wee bit thrilled by all this. Fortuenntly, (or unfortuently depending how you look at it) I managed to beg my way out and got the suit unlocked.
A few days later, I saw Rei was on and I told her I had won the suit. We went and hung out a while. Then all the sudden I found myself sealed in the suit again. I had forgotten I put it in my #RLV foulder. For those that don't know, the #RLV foulder is a special one. If your wearign a relay, (which I almost always do now a days) others can access this foulder and force you to wear whats in it. I usually put most my RLV stuff in there, like my collar, cuffs, and gag. Well, she sealed me in the suit again, and slowly started to take away my abilities, like chat, inventory, TPing, even IMs. She said I had one chance to convince her to let me go or be sealed like that til the next time I saw her. The only good argument I had was the fact I model at KK, and I need to be able to pose in their clothes. That seemed to work and Rei let me go, with a warning she may keep me next time. Heh, part of me thinks she's kidding, but who knows ;) The moral of this story is I guess think before you put on a RLV item in the middle of a bunch or peope who know what it does better then you.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps my idea about getting some post-hypnotic suggestions to the effect that you experience IRL what you experience in SL wasn't as good an idea as I thought... ;-)

Yora Vig said...

hehehe, what, you don't think me becoming a muted, latex clad rubbermaid in RL is a good idea? ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, when you put it that way... *grins*