Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

It's getting close to my favorite time of the year, Halloween. So I figured it would be a good time to show a few of the spookier AVs I have.

First up is a brand new one I got from Curio Obscura. This is there Ghost Girl AV and man is it impressive. The entire thing is see through like a ghost should be. Plus the skirt and hair flap in the wind. You get three skirt lengths with it and two hair styles.

Next is one that I love, Medusa. Heck, any creature that can turn people into statues scores big for me ;) This one is from Grendel's Children. It has a serpent tail for legs. Ability to stone other people not included unfortunently ;)

Next are a series of 4 from Grendel's, the Succubi. These are all based on the traditional 4 elemints and look really well done. First is the earth succubi.

Magma is next. Love the flame effects on the staff.

Ice gives new meaning the the phrase "cold-hearted"

Finally, smoke for the fourth element, air. This one is really cool because you have a constant haze of smoke arrount you while wearing it.

Heh, these four also fit fight in to the theme of my blog. Succubi are after all sex demons ;) More posts soon, inclusign som pictures from the Miss Dolliverse padgent and a few more Restrained Life toys.

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