Thursday, October 15, 2009

A bound adventure

Hey all! OK so it wasn't quite as quick as I liked, but I'm finally doing another post! Yay!

So lately I've been finding myself hanging out at Stones N Rubber (Which speaking of recently moves. Here's the new SLURL ) I've gotten to know some of the sculptress there, and spent a bit of time as a statue or doll, usually just a few hours. One of the heads of sNr, Sinha Hyne, has put out a variety of gadgets, such as a faceplate for the balloon suit from Hybridz, to a bar code tattoo to mark the toys dosing at sNr. Her latest one she put out was a pussy sheath. Basically, it's like a large plastic hole where the pussy is. And to top it off, you can plug it too. The plug looks a little like a drain plug, which just helps to reinforce the object like feel it gives having it on.

After seeing this sheath, I so wanted to get one. Sinha let me try it out, and me being the curious sort, I got two more as well for my rear and mouth. After putting on a black latex skin to match them better the fun began when Sinha locked them on me!

So, I spent about a week like that, with more and more bits slowly added on, like an arm binder, ballet boots, and a neck corset. the end result looked like this.

I helped Sinha test the sheaths and even give her a few suggestions. The plugs are removable by anyone that touches them, except the wearer. They also now make a popping noise coming out and a squeak going in. Make me shiver every time I hear it, hehehe.

I also had my speech set with a renamer. So whenever I talked or emotes, insted of saying Yora Vig, it said Three Hole Toy. Pretty embarrassing explaining that one to anyone I knew, hehehe. Overall though, it was a lot of fun.

Next post is going to be on a shop of a friends I've meant to post on for a long long time. Stay tuned!


Graham C. said...
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9C Magic said...

Ey, Yora? Can you toss me a landmark inworld for a speech renamer? I keep looking for one, and never can find it.

Unknown said...

Mmm, yummy! ^.^

Anonymous said...

I'd reccomend the Chat Enhancer from Corvan's Creations. Of course it's RLV locking, with owner control; more importantly it's an RLV-compliant IC chatter / emoter. Most renamers will let you merrily chat away through a mute restriction, but CC's Enhancer listens for the mute/unmute rlv commands and shuts down when you're not supposed to be able to talk. Settings are stored in an off-world database, so if you have to do a reset for some reason (or there's an update, or SL's famously stable inventory eats yours...) you don't loose your stored list of names and owners.

Ruri Muni said...


You have a great avatar, i always love good looking pictures from SL. I'm needing a good latex doll in SL for a picture for a series of gestures I made. (also, i need a wind up doll, a barbie doll, and a sex doll for shots too!)

Anyway, Feel free to contact me in game!

~Ruri Muni

Anonymoususuys said...

You really need to post more. You also should post videos from SL.

Click king said...

Videos? that is a great idea.
check out my website for more info on recording ingame.