Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mega Mech Toy playground!

Hi all! Sorry about the infrequency of posting as of late. Still pounding away on the job hunt front. As of yet, still unemployed, but I might have something, fingers crossed. Anyway, today's post is on a shop I meant to do a long long long time ago, but stupid things kept delaying it. It's a little shop called Mech Dolls The shop owner Mechatoy Mekanic, is a incredibly sweet person, and very skilled to boot. I love her stuff, and only wish I had a bit of money to go on a full shopping spree there, hehehe.

Mechatoy specializes in, appropriately enough, doll skins, clothing and other related items. The nice thing is her items are very different from a lot of the other doll stuff out there in SL. It's not all pink and cutesy and Barbie (not that there's anything wrong with that). Or latex and kinky (again, not that there's anything wrong with that either). It's a more almost realistic take I'd say.

Her jointed doll skin looks fantastic. I love the attention to detail in it, putting in all sorts of little touches.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I absolutely love how the face looks on this skin. My shape ruins the ventriloquist dummy style mouth effect, but it's such a cute touch I just adore it.

Mechatoy also recently released a set of jointed doll layers you can wear with any skin. Here's one of the ball joint sets with my skin.


And here's one of her swivel cut sets. Again the detail is fantastic. It's hard to see, but she even put a little heart shaped mark right on the dolls pelvis ;)


Next is a combination package. It contains a music box that doubles as a LustBaby hypnosis machine along with a Nutcracker Suite style ballet outfit. It's soooo cute looking! Plus it really plays music, and the outfit includes a whirling gears sound for when you walk.

Photobucket Photobucket

Finally, I wanted to show off some of the keys she makes. I currently have two of them. First up is the Emerald key


Next is the Gears key.


Both have RLV support, and all the regular features you'd expect in a key. Plus, they have a remote control built right into them! It lets anyone using the yet to move you around like a puppet, heh. And honestly, hey look gorgeous.

So make sure to stop by her shop. I haven't even gotten into the other items she has like the DollyStation, Puppet Cross (both featured on K-8's blog at this link ), and the tons of outfits she has for sale. I'm going to be showing roe from here, and next time I won't take as long, hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Your Blog has been getting deader and deader in recent months. Fix it.

Anonymous said...

Yorn, repair the blog, Anonymous is correct please.

Singapore4 said...

She is searching for a job! Give her a break!
Why don't you post your kinky adventures in finding a job?

Yora Vig said...

Yes, I am sorry about how the blogs gotten lately.

Singapore4 - Heh, I wish I had some fun stuff to tell about the job hunt. but it's the old cut and dry stuff; submit, interview, wait for response, don't get the job. Still, I might have something that fits the bill, and is SL related soon. We'll see