Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm not dead yet!

Hey one and all I am back! I'm very sorry for the long lack of posting. Originally is was a dodge of the heat that was hitting at the time. Then it became something much worse. Writers block.

Yes, I know a blog isn't like a novel. But there is a certain amount of inspiration that's needed. And unfortunately I haven't been feeling it lately. I kinda fell into a SL rut, buying new items, and posing at Kayliwulf. Not that I'm knocking either. I just haven't had many adventures to really speak or lately. Couple that with my job hunt lately (ie, I'm still unemployed with minimal responses) and I've been a bit like taking a break from SL and focusing on other things. Letting my batteries recharge a bit, so to speak.

Now, that isn't to say I haven't been active in SL. I have, and it has helped get some of that spark back. Next post (which will be soon! I swear! Like tomorrow soon!) I'll tell you about my week long adventure at Stones N Rubber. Very fun. Very kinky ;)

So, to sum it up, no, I'm not quitting SL. No I'm not quitting this blog. I might try some new things (less product reviews? Unless you guys like them). However, I can't give a time table on updates. I'm still job hunting in RL and that's sucking up alot of my time and energy now. Still, I love posting here and exploring SL. Thank you all for wanting to see more posts. That's a big reason I want to continue doing this blog is that so many people out there seem to enjoy it. Til next time (which will be soon! I promice!), see you!


Unknown said...

Can't wait. This is Miya by the way.

tbt said...


:) :) :) :)


Noman said...

Good. I was getting worried.

Good to see your back.

Anonymous said...

what every happened to Kayliwulf?