Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Week of Kink pt 2: Chess the Best of SL

Phew, just made it in under the wire with today's post! Wanted to get it up earlier, but it's been a bit busy. Still I promised a post a day and I aim to keep that promise

Today, I'm gonna show off two more chess piece AVs from Jojo. First up is the pawn. As with all of them, it can change color to both back or white


Appropriate enough, the pawn looks super subish. The chains and hood make it looks like an extremely tightly bound sub, very vulnerable and ready to be fully manipulated ;)

The next is the Knight.

knight blackknight white

Jojo did this one to look pretty ponygirl-ish and like the pawn it fits well in this bondage chess set ;)

Jojo is also working on the last two pieces right now, as well as a full size board. Yes, soon you can be locked as a chess AV and used as a piece in a life size game. In fact, a place I'm going to talk about tomorrow is planning a game soon. Where is it? Tune in tomorrow to find out!


K-8 (conscious_object) said...

Hilarious. ^_^

Yora Vig said...

Heh, I know. so can't wait for the last two pieces so we can do a full chess game using all real people ;)

Anonymous said...

i want to be the knight ^_^
, TF Altney