Friday, June 26, 2009

One Week of Kink pt 1: Hybridz AVs!

Hey all I'm back! Fist up, let me respond to a rumor brought up. No, I'm not leaving SL. Honestly, I'm not sure I ever will. I enjoy it to much and I love hanging out with all my friends there. I did just graduate. I have a Bachelors of Science now in Technical Management. Why not game programing? Well, as cool as it was there were two little problems with it. One was the fact that that degree is pretty narrow, while the one I got is broader. It lets me qualify for a lot more jobs. The second is I'm not a great programmer. I'm not bad mind you, but I'm not the best. So, given how competitive the field is, I thought a switch would be best.

Now that I'm graduated, what's that mean? Well, right now I'm unemployed. I had a job on campus, but it was a federal work study one and you have to be in school to keep it. So I'm looking for work. This does have one upside though. I finally have free time to catch up on my posting here! So this week, I'm going to aim at doing a post a day to show off all the stuff I've acquired, to let you know of a few new places, and to update a lot of SLURLs!

First up is a few items from an old favorite: HybridZ. They recently moved to a new shop. due to the adult verification. I think there might be a few other shops moving too, so I'm going to try to update the links to them as I do new reviews.

First up is the Latex Dolly suit.


I absolutely love this one! It's just sooooo pink! I swear I smell bubblegum just looking at it. This is one of my all time favorite doll suits not just from Hybridz, but in SL at all. It's so cute and sexy, and slutty and adorable all rolled into one!

The next suit from them is the Taille doll suit. It's an odd looking one as you can see.


It's still a pretty kinky looking one. No arms along makes it stand out a bit, but the odd waist design is what really does it. It looks like your upper body is on a flexible spring. I can almost imagine it bouncing around. :D

Both suits are fully RLV enabled like all Hybridz suits. I've spent many an hour locked in the Latex Dolly :)

Ok, that's it for right now. But I have a tone more to show off this week! Til tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You are Joking, right? ;)

Yora Vig said...

Joking? About what? Keeping on track for posts? I aim to try to. I wanna get alot of stuff up.