Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I have a sweet treat today. My friend Honoka has made a chocolate easter bunny AV and it's so cute and, pardon the pun, sweet looking!

I love how it looks! Such a wonderful easter treat! And it's fully RLV enables so all parts can be locked onto you :)

Edit: Here's the link to Honoka's Xstreet page for it. She's currently running a Yora sale ;) Only $300 for the AV. What a sweet deal, hehehe :)


Miyamoto Masatada said...

Wow, that is pretty cute.

Lucy said...

I find it amazing that you've been on Second Life for so long. Whenever I've been there it's just been boring and the people snobbish. I've found it impossible to join established role-playing areas and just as impossible to find anything interesting to do.

9C Magic said...

I've had similar problems, Scarlet. Although a lot of mine are because my schedule's really erratic. I might be on SL every day for two weeks, only to find myself off for three.

Yora Vig said...

Scarlet - It really helps that I made alot of friends there. that's the big draw that brings me back constantly to SL. I can understand what you mean trust me. Some of the larger RP areas, I look at and go, 'wow that looks fun!" but I always have trouble getting involved. Most my RPs tend to be the smaller scale ones as a result.

9C - Trust me, I have alot of friends in similar situations who log in whenever they can. It's not that uncommon actually. Heh, I think I'm the oddball one sometimes, being in world daily.