Saturday, March 28, 2009

A new post! Finally!

Hey all! Sorry about the delay in posts. I know I said I had a New Years resolution to update weekly, but obviously I couldn't keep that. The main reason for this is real life. Given this is my final term in school, things have gotten very hectic. I graduate June, so have allot to take care of before then. Also, I hate to say it, but I've had a bit of a writers block lately. Odd I know, since this is a blog, but I just have to be in the right mood to write here.

Anyway, I'm going to try to start posting again. I still have plenty of things I haven't shown off to you guys, and plenty of stories to tell as well. Case in point, the first item in today's post, the Hybridz Balloon suit.


This suit is fully RLV enabled, like almost everything at Hybridz. When your in the suit, you float and bob along, just like a balloon. Someone can grab your string and pull you along with them. It also has a post to tie you off to as well. Kris at Doll Works locked me in this suit for a strait week. I was isolated the whole time, so I couldn't speak, hear, see anyones names, or IM anyone but Kris. I pretty much was just a balloon, tugged along where she wants to take me. I had no control at all. Heh, it was a pretty fun week overall, just basically being an object ;)

Hybridz also has a balloon dog suit as well. This one has all the same features as the other suit, but, it looks like a floating balloon dog.


Next is another chess AV from Jojo, the rook. I love how this one looks. It's both a castle, like the classic look of the rook, and a cage. The wearer's head is obscured completely, leaving their upper torso visible in a cage like display. It's very nice, and really makes me want the rest of the set now. When Jojo releases the full set, I definitely want to see if I can get a life size AV chess game. All we need is 32 willing volunteers to be locked til the game is over ;)



Corvan said...

Those balloon AVs look like fun, and as for the chess set.... count me in!

Seriously, if you can get the rest of the pieces together, I'll volunteer to be one...

IM me inworld (Corvan Nansen) if it comes together.

Anonymous said...

That Balloon suit is quite awesomely hot, I particularly like the placement of the inflation nozzles.

Yora Vig said...

Corvan - Cool, deffinently! he sheer scale of getting all these people together at once is going to be a royal pain, but I think it can be done ;) And I supose promicing to lock htem in the chess pieces could help encourage peopel too, hehehe.

SirQittus - Heh, yes, they are in such a perfect place arn't they?

Valdris Resident said...

I would so join this chess game as a piece. It would be soo much fun.