Monday, May 19, 2008

Stiff and wet? It's another curse!

First off, wow, I'm behind. My last post was the 25th! Got to post more often. Second, Amea put out another curse product recently. Again, if you want to be surprised like with the apples stop reading. IM me and I'll send you a cup of water to try.

Still here? OK take a look. It's an ordinary looking fountain, right? Well, looks can be deceiving.

A short while after setting up, the fountain begins to produce cups of fresh clean water. If you drink one, then the surprise happens. You turn into a fountain!

Like the apple tree, it's all RLV enabled. So once you change, your stuck until you break the curse. And trust me that can be a really long time, hehehe. After a while you produce a cup of your own that someone else can take. If they drink it they turn into a fountain too!

If your interested in a fountain of your own, Amea is selling them at her store, Vexation. Here's the SLURL again. . She has them for $2000 right now, but I have a feeling that price might not last.


Anonymous said...

I installed one in the shop. Had three girls "stoned" at once at one point :)


Anonymous said...

Cool and very hot at the same time. This is another very good example of 'the more, the merrier'. :-)

Yora, you wouldn't happen to have a non-thumbnail of the cursed apple trees?


Yora Vig said...

Shoot looks like theirs a problem somewhere with the picture. Give me a few and I'll post another one

Anonymous said...

Next up - inflatable dolls, and when you touch one, you become one? :-D