Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wedding bells for me!

Hey all! Just a quick update since this is big. I'm married! Kitti and I officially tied the knot yesterday. We had been planning on doing it for a long long time. I had been wanting a big ceremony, lots of fancy things, but I have had no time to plan anything. So, finally Kitti and I decided that all we we're doing was waiting for no reason. She asked me and of course I said yes :) So, we kinda eloped, so no wedding pictures. I might see if I can get one of Kitti and I in our wedding dresses though, hehehe. Here's a picture of the ring Kitti gave me.

It's gorgeouse, isn't it? The center stone, middle stone and outer stones are all color changable, as is the type of metal the band is made of. I'm very happy. Kitti is so wonderful and I'm so glad we're together :)


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That's awesome Yora, congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both, Yora! :)

*hugs for you both*


Yora Vig said...

Thank you one and all! I apreciate all the well wishes :)