Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cursed apples for sale!

Hey all. So my good friend Amea recently opened a shop named Vexation. But Vexation isn't just any type of shop. It's a cursed magic shop. Everything there does very fun things to the user. The SLURL is here. . Her first release is the Pomum Nemus. It's a very special bush thet sprouts apples that have..unique qualities, hehehe. Here's the thing. I don't want to spoil the suprise on what they do to anyone who wants to try one. SO, if you want to sample it and be suprised STOP READING! Then IM me in world and I'll give you one. I promice you won't be dissapointed. Especially if you run Restrained Life ;)

If you want to find out more about it, keep reading. I did an interview with Amea (The first interview I've ever done, so it's likely to be a little rough.) asking her about the Pomum Nemus.

Yora Vig: Ok, lets see, what kind of interests do you have in SL

Amea Aya: Scripting bizzare things, running around the grid looking for bizzare things, and roleplaying bizzare situations.

YV: And how did you come up with the idea for the apples?

AA: It stemmed from my love of inanimates of course, though I'm not sure what made me decide to make it. I was probably bored...

YV: I noticed it was Real Restraint enabled. I take it you like the features it has?

AA: Ah yes I ADORE them. I highly reccomend everyone that's into that sorta thing to replace their old veiwer.

YV: I also noticed some trees sprout apples?

AA: Yes, the Pomum Nemus is built to spread like a curse. Eat an apple, become a tree, grow and apple, someone picks it and eats it, they become a tree. And so on and so fourth.

YV: So it's very easy to get a whole grove of trees.

AA: Yup! And I've seen it happen once or twice.

YV: Ok, last question, how much is it?

AA: The apples are free. However they can take a while to grow. If you want a constant supply of apples you'll have to spend some money. The price starts at 2000L$ and is still there at the time of this interveiw, but after 50 sales it will raise to 3500L$ and eventually 4500L$. The price is to keep the plants slightly rare, so the whole grid doisn't end up an orchard.

And finally, a few pictures of me and others treed.
It takes a while usually to get free. The frist time I got lucky and got it in three attemps. The next, I was stuck for an hour and a half. I loved every minute of it though, LOL.


Anonymous said...

That's one of the hottest things I've ever seen. :-D

And btw I'm the first anon of the previous blog comments, but not the second.

And also, there's a thread in the MC forum (, in the 'Multimedia and Everything Else' subforum)looking for MC-themed SL resources, if you've got a few min to visit I'm sure your contribution would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Had to pop in and say I loved reading this, first got to play with the apples a few weeks ago and every time it's created a fun grove! If anyone's reading this, I DEMAND you go out of your way to try an apple with friends!

Anonymous said...

Sounds really great. Anyone know where there are any trees. I'd love to see what they look like.

Can't wait to see what she dreams up next

Terry McGhee