Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Botany 101 - The exotic Yora plants

So, it’s been way to long since my last post (Almost a month. Yikes!). So, on that note, here’s an update! LOL. I figure I should do a theme one like I usually do. And I’ve acquired a few plant related AVs so now’s a good a time as any to show them off (OK, technically Arbor Day might be a better time. But I really don’t want to wait that long to update, hehehe). Plus, in addition to the AVs, I want to show off my new home and garden ;)

First up is a fantastic Enchanted Oak AV that my friend Honoka made. She always does fantastic work. I have the tree outside my home and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think it’s totally normal. But, just click on it and viola! Your half person half tree! The job she did blending the skin and the tree texture is fantastic, and there's some wonderful little touches too, like a little boob twig, hehehe.

Edit: Here's the URL to her SLX page for it

Next are more of the dyads from Grendel’s Children. These are still one of my favorite AVs I’ve gotten there, and they’re a total steal at 5 L each. I already showed the summer and fall oak trees, cactus and dandelion ones in this post. Here’s 4 more they released.

First up is the sunflower. Very bright and sunny (What can I say, I like yellow. Not as much as pink though.)

Next is the Venus flytrap dryad. This one has a huge back piece, and a very hungry look to it.

This one is the sundew dryad. I had to wiki this one to find out what it was (I kinda knew, but not 100%) Click here if you want to see the wiki page Anyway, this one is the brightest color wise of the dryads. It will definitely stand out in a crowd LOL.

Last one is the pitcher plant dryad. I like this one a lot. The “hair” and back look really cool. I might have to wear the hair from this one with a few outfits and see how it looks. I have a really strong affinity for strange hairstyles (Hmmmm, good idea for another post)

Finally, here’s a picture of the outside of my home. The garden is still a work in progress (I just laid the grass yesterday), but it’s coming along nicely. It’s actually on Kayliwulf East. Daphne and Lazarus rented a few properties to some of us models. I have to say, I’m so happy I have a home in SL now. It’s nice to have a private place to call my own.

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