Monday, August 27, 2007

Transformation Fashion Show 2: Electric Boogaloo

So, a while back Tindo and Kalira invited me to tag along while they were shopping. We went to a place called Grendel's Children. This shop is AMAZING! Lots of really cool fantasy, transformation related, and animal avatars. Ad the best part/ There all really affordable. I got a few of them for only $5. And they look wonderful! I spent a ton the first time I was there, but I got over 2 dozen AVs. Here's a few of my favorites.

The mermaid kit (actually the Siren kt as it's called there) is a pretty cool ideaYou get multiple fin patterns that you can color yourself any shade you want. That way, you can totally customise your own mermaid look. I even did a latex mermaid one night while I was modeling at KK. But stupid me, I forgot to snap a picture.

Next up is the harpy AVs. I absolutely LOVE these! They really grab people's attention when you wear them, since I haven't seen many bird AVs in SL. Each one comes with a AO as well, so when you fly, your wings actually flap!

Next up, we go from half bird/half girl to all bird. This was one of the MANY animal AVs that were there. it also comes with a HUD, so you can squawk andmake all sorts of parrot noises.There's a lot of other animals there too. I personally got the butterfly, scorpion, horse, and lots of others. I'll be sure to show a few next update.

Finally, we move from fauna to flora. These Dryad AVs were only $5 each. And there's so cool! I got the summer and fall maple dryads, the dandelion dryad (which is SO CUTE!), and the cactus dryad. Jango even made me a flower pot to plant me. Hehehe.

So, It's looking like I might be back in SL soon. I'm hoping by this next weekend. I really miss all my friends there, and I hope to see you all real soon!

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