Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My friends in SL: Tindo

So let me tell you all about my friend Tindo. I met her a while back when she IMed me asking about the Hypnotron. Whe chatted a bit and I found she’s big in the Transformation Role-Play group. Tindo is very nice and really creative. I guess the best way to describe her is a mad scientist. She’s always making something. And almost all of them are unique, offbeat, cool things I’ve never seen anyone else think of. Here’s a few that she let me have to play with

People ball – This is so much fun! You climb into the ball, and all that’s sticking out is your head, hands and feet (Kinda reminds me of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Hehehe). Once you’re in it you can’t move….unless you click on the ball. If you do you go flying up into the air! It even works if anyone else clicks on your ball. Tindo, Ilana, Jango, and I were all playing with these at my skybox. Even though I put up 20 meter walls, we still went flying all over the sim! Tingo kept tweaking them as we were playing, even dropping in a secret command that put us into orbit! Jango and I have pestered her a bit about the possibility of making a hippy-hop version, so someone else can ride on you while you’re in the ball.

Plug in – This is a new one Tindo just made. She got the idea when I showed her my wind-up doll AV, and she whipped this up in a flash. It’s a battery pack with power plug that fits in your back. There’s also a wall power socket to plug into. Basically, you plug in and recharge. Once fully charged, you go about your business as normal. The battery slowly ticks down. When it gets really low, it starts to beep. Once it runs all the way down, you slump over, like a broken doll. This was kind of the basis of the wind-up timmer she just made.

Mask of Emotions – This was a really funny item she made. It’s a mask that you wear. Any time you type an emoticon, like ;) or :p , the mask displays it. It’s a great way to show people just how you feel.

Besides that, Tindo is a bit on the kinky side too. She even introduced me to CARP, or Captured Role Play. Basically, you put on a tag that says what you are (sub/prey or domme/predator) and wander around a maze. If you're prey and a domme catches you, you either have to give them a piece of clothing, or let them do what they want with you. Tindo and I set our messages describing what we would do as “Stays with Yora / Tindo” mostly ‘cause I had no clue what to do if caught. That what they get one of us, they got us both. We also set as Lesbian only. Tindo recommended it because a lot of the guys there are not that bright (Seriously, why are a lot of guys in SL total morons when it comes to RP and such? Most just wanna play with Xcite toys. Not that there’s anything wrong with using them. But I like to play too). We didn’t have any luck the only time we did it. There wasn’t a lot of female dommes there. And those that we kept seeing already had caught someone. Oh well. We’re going to try again sometime.


sylvrgirl said...

I just wanted to thank you for letting me play in the people ball last night! I hope I can meet your "mad scientist" one of these days, especially regarding that wind-up key idea.


Anonymous said...

That Tindo is one cool cat.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the People Ball now, think you could post an image of it next time?