Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I finally posted again!

Wow, it’s been way to long since my last update. But I’ve been really busy in both SL and RL. Finals are comic up soon in RL, and I have a couple projects to finish up. On top of that Daphne just did another fashion show not that long ago.

It was a HUGE hit! We had 80 plus people show up for this one. It was the first real time a large amount of people were on Kayliwulf West, and Lazarus had to increase the limit a few times to let everyone on. There were a lot of small snags that we hit during the show, but over all, it went really well. Everyone in the audience LOVED it!

One cool thing that happened is that after the first fashion show, Daphne asked to have me and Jen, and other model at Kayliwulf, help out more with all future ones. She even made us fashion show managers! Daphne made me feel so honored. Honestly, I just like to help out and I loved doing the show more than anything else.

One very nice thing is someone sent me pictures! I was hopping for someone to take a few pictures, since when I’m walking, I’m a bit busy. A very nice person by the name of Wuf Shirabyoshi sent me a link to a website he set up for the show. http://wufshirabyoshi.nl/fashionshow/fashionshow.stm Check it out to see me and the other girls from KK strutting our stuff! What’s really cool is Daphne is talking about filming video of the next one and posting it on YouTube!

On another, slightly less happy note, Ralna and I had a bad fight over the last weekend. We’ve made up, but the end result is she’s no longer my primary owner. Honestly, I’ve gotten a bit burnt out on ownership. I’m going to try being free again. Ralna and I are still close though. BFF. She’s still secondary owner on my collar. This lets her hug or kiss me any time she wants. And I’m glad I’m still part of a family. I feel close to Ralna and Bibi, my SL sister

Finally, I set up my skybox! It’s a nice little place I can call home. I’m still working on it, but so far I have a garden, complete with various tables and chairs to sit in….or to be turned into, LOL. I’ll get some pics sooon!


Unknown said...

Hey Yora, beauty, so nice to see you are posting again, and it seems you just uploaded while I was reading in your blog and checked some links. Congratulations on your progress with Kayliwulf! And good luck with everything else, sweet kisses from Olga

Yora Vig said...

Thank you Olga1 It's always feels good to post. I love sharring what I'm doing in SL and everyone seems to love reading all about it!