Friday, May 18, 2007

A Sticky Situation

Fist of I feel like such a slacker. It's been two weeks since my last post and I feel bad. RL has been hectic, with school sucking up much of my time. From now on I'm going to try to post at the very least weekly

Anyway, I recently found that one of my more unusual fetishes is in SL; Glue. It sounds weird, but i really like the thought of being glued to something, being stuck and not able to get free. I guess it's because it had the immobility of bondage, without being tied up. Just apply a little glue and viola, instant bondage.

So far there's only one stuck place in SL, Sitting Pretty. I stumbled across it one day as I searched for oddball places. When I arrived he first thing I saw was a massive puddle of industrial strength glue spilled on the floor. So needles to say, I stepped into it. I was totally stuck! I struggled a bit, to no avail. Eventually I managed to get free, but not after I took a few pics

Next I checked out the item that the store is named after, the glue covered stool. It's a simple item, but one that's silly and kinky at the same time. Basically, your butt is glued to the stool and you walk around with it attached. I got quite a few comments on it. It was kind of embarrassing, which is something else I like.


Anonymous said...

I wish, I knew how to work on SL. Nevertheless I want to drop in a line on a Craiglist's job board posting I came across a few days back.

They' asked for an SL designer. See if you can give it a try. But make sure they're genuine enough to be trusted.

Here's the link -

Yora Vig said...

Oh, interesting. I certianly will look into it. Thank you!