Sunday, April 22, 2007

Strike a pose!

So Daphne, my boss at Kayliwulf, is putting on a fasion show tomorrow. And I'm in it, as is alot of the girls from Kayliwulf! This is the first showthat I know of that Daphne has put on. And I think it's going to be a blast! The show is 12 to 2 pm Linden time at the Eden Revue club. Very cool place. Drop by and watch me strut my stuff.

i feel like such a supermodel lately between this and my photograph sessions. I met a really nice guy named Jole March. He's a friend of Ravena and a extremly talented photographer. He asked if I'd like to model for him, and beimg one alway up to experiancig new things, I said yes. I had a fantastic time. I loved to pose, expecially since Joel was in total control. One click and I changed possitions like a puppet ;) He got pics of me in latex (Lots of latex LOL) and in my neko AV, which he loved!

You can find some of the pics at You need a flickr account to sign in, but it's pretty easy to get one. Joel says he wants to take more pics and I told him I'm ready and rarin' to go any time he is.


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