Monday, April 16, 2007

Odds and ends of SL

I will admit most of my time spent in SL is focused on the more kinky aspects. However, from time to time I like to try something different and just have a little fun. One of the more suprising things that I found in SL was a race track.

One of my good friends, Ravena, mentioned she was in a racing league, and asked if I wanted to watch. Being extreamly curious, I said yes. Upon arving I found myself at an authentic NASCAR track. OK, an authentic SLASCAR track, LOL. Ravena was up to race pretty quick. It was pretty fun to watch, though I must admit I was really trying to figure out the scripting involved in my head, LOL. I must admit, I wouldn't mind trying a race myself

A slightly kinkier little diversion that Ralna found was mud wrestling. You both get into the ring. When the countdown is finished, both people hit the up arrow as fast as they can. Whoever is quicker wins. We played a bit, and I lost every round LOL. Still it was fum. And I wouldn't mind a rematch sometime ;) .

Oh! And once again I dresed up for another holiday. I just had to get a bunny outfit for Easter. And proving that Kayliwulf is always on top of things, Lazarus put out a very cute latex bunny outfit. I just LOVED it ;)

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