Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Week of Kink pt 6: Virtoys for Boys and Girls

Virtoys is a place I covered rather heavily in the past, as I absolutely love the Busty AVs that Downy puts out. Like with Hybridz, Virtoys moved recently due to the adult changes coming to SL. In fact it's right next door to Hybridz now ;)

The new location is great, bigger then the old one with a lot of fun toys there to try. I highly recommend trying the changing room, btw. Just make sure to have a Virtoys product in your #RLV folder first.

While stopping by to see the new store, I realized I missed reviewing one of the things Downy put our, the sculpted doll mask. It's a great looking item, very different then the other doll items they sell. It looks very artificial, but it a good way. Downy wanted me to let everyone that her fiends Ingrid Breck and Rei Gynoid helped with skinning and sculpting it.



While I was there, I was also reminded of two AVs I got from someone named var Ash. Both are sold at Virtoys. The first is his latex pony suit.


It looks great overall. I love the legs especially. For some reason this is the first really nice pony leg like that I've seen in SL before that didn't look funny. The suit is fully RLV enabled as well. It looks particularly good mixed wit theh Black Sin Lovedoll Busty AV ;)

Next up is his Sex Cyborg AV


This one is more in line with the busty AV, just dripping sexually. There's a lot this one can do. The eyes blink, the mouth can open and close, and a CD-ROM tray pops out of the back of the head. Plus it comes with two sets of breasts. A regular, and a quad set ;)

Var looks to be someone to keep an eye on. I love his stuff so far and I gt a feeling we'll see more cool stuff soon. Oh that reminds me, if you have any suggestions for him on stuff to make, IM him and suggest it. ;)

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