Monday, January 12, 2009

Chess and barrels

In my last post I showed off Jojo's Jill in the box and rocking horse. Since then, she released two more AVs, and of course I had to snap them up. First was her bondage barrel. It's a RL lockable barrel very similar to Bastion Mage's art. When you get in it, it even pushes a face out of the front, making it very obvious someones stuck inside. It a really cool effect.


Thanks to Beverly Salming who modeled inside the barrel for this picture. Why didn't I do it? Keep reading ;)

Jojo also put out her chess queen AV, my favorite one she's done so far. It's color changeable, meaning you can make it black latex or white marble. It also wearable. This means you can get locked in it them teleported while wearing it. So it's portable! I suggested to Jojo that she should do a full set. I mean how cool would it be to see a full latex bound chess set ;) If you like the idea and like this AV, bug her about it and maybe she'll do it.


Since this one was an outfit, I put it in my #RLV folder. I don't think I've mentioned this yet. Basically, if you use the Restrained Life viewer, anyone with a RL remote can access this folder as long as you have a relay on.. They can make you wear anything in it and you pretty much can't do anything about it. this lead to some fun the other day. I was at Doll Works when I bumped into Kris Shiras, the owner of the place. She was chatting with Jojo. She also knew I have RL on almost all the time and that I have all sorts of goodies in my folder. So, she put the chess AV on me and locked me in it.

Well, after tping me to Jojo's shop in the Doll Works mall, she left to work on something else, teasing me every so often about it. Finally a few hours later she came back and gave me a AV. I stuck it in my #RLV folder like she told me to (I really didn't have a choice. I had to do it or I was stuck for who knows how long ;) ). She then put it on me and turned me into a Latex Object


So, this is what I'm stuck as right now. She didn't say how long it would be for. She did mention doing upgrades, which has me a bit curious/nervous. Still, this won't keep me from blogging. And at least I can walk now ;) Though I do make latex creaking noises while I do.

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