Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pull Up a Chair and Sit a While part 1

Wow, it's been way to long since my last post. I really should get on a regular posting schedule but RL keeps conspiring against me ;) Anyhoo, last time I posted, I asked for a vote on what to do next. And it looks like the winning selections was D: none of the above. So, I'm going to do what a few people have requested and show off some living furniture stuff. This turned out to be a slightly longer set of pictures to take because I have just so many of them.

First up is a face sit chair from Draconic Kiss. They mostly specialize in latex clothing, but they also carry some forniphilia stuff ranging from chairs, tables, lamps, and lights. in, and put on the provided dental retractors to keep your mouth forces open and you're in for a kinky fun time.

Next up is a human chair from Kinky-O. They don't carry alot of forniphilia stuff their, but I rather like this one. Maybe it's because it's one of the few chairs I have where your face isn't the cushion.

Next on to Sin-Labs! I absolutely love this place! So many kinky toys here, and not just human furniture stuff. From here I got two tables. The thing I love about these is they don't look like playtoys until you sit in them ;)

I also got a wonderful harp from here too. It even plays music.

Finally I got a Chill Chair. This one is nice looking kinda like a desk chair. It has two sit poses for it. Normal and upside-down. The best part is if your upside-down, someone else can sit right on top of you.

Now what makes all these even more fun is if you use the RLV. You could be force sat on them and be stuck as a piece of furniture as long as someone else chooses. I must admit, that thought does turn me on a bit ;)

I still have a ton more pictures to post, so I'm going to make this a two partner. I'll try to have the next part up in a day or so. Til then, happy seating ;)


K-8 (conscious_object) said...

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the face-sitting thing either. I like it better when people create bondage furniture that resembles Gord a little more, or even a magical transformation.

Just posted a Yora-tastic LJ entry btw. ;-)

Yora Vig said...

*nods* The next post will feature more like that, as well as something for those statue fans out their. (Plus, I get to show off my budding Photoshop skills a bit)

And thanks for the wonderful post. :)

Anonymous said...

In The Teen Grid, there is an awesome transformation store. in additon to selling common things, like transformation, chairs, ect. it also makes custom furinture. the manager has frozen avatar statutes as you walk in, and there is a giant avatar cheeseboard. if your piece is knocked out, you are frozen utill sombody breaks the spell. creepy, though, becuase almost everything is a frozen avatar!And, by whatever causes it, if you are frozen, you are forced to transform into a piece of furinture, statue, ect.

Anonymous said...

You mean "alacarte"? Nice store. Creepy, 2.

Yora Vig said...

Ohhh, sounds like a place I would love. Now If I was only a few years younger ;)

Anonymous said...

I've just started a SL account. I'm trying to find out about everything. But SL is so BIG! I'd love to chat sometime. When and where are you usually on?


Yora Vig said...

I'm on every day just about. Time wise, it depends. Ususaly more in hte evening west coast time. IM me next time your on! If I'm on we'll talk and I'll show you arround.

Anonymous said...

That's ould be my store, as well. i'm bringing it to the main grid, hen i turn 18, in a few months.

Yora Vig said...

When you do, let us know! I'm sure I'll be hitting your shop and featuring your stuff here ;)

Anonymous said...

Masteroftoys? If Yora's not on, feel free to IM me and I can show you around some of the SL highlights as well :)

I'm Dreampaint Loon in-world.